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Vanessa Falk – Private Party

September 30, 2011

(p) 2011 Broma 16 under exclusive license of EMI Music Sweden AB

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Julia Volkova (ex Tatu ) recording her new single with Broma16

June 20, 2011

Julia Volkova, former singer of scandalous Russian female duo Tatu, who has recently signed an album deal with EMI Russia, verbally agreed to record a new single “All Because of You” which was produced by Niclas Molinder, Joacim Persson, Johan Fransson, Tim Larsson and Tobias Lundgren – a production team that has previously collaborated with artists such as Sophie Ellis Bextor, Мiley Cyrus (Hannah Montana), Sean Kingston and Ashley Tisdale . The track has been pitched from Red Fly Songs catalogue, that Broma16 represents from the year 2011.

- “We’ve though about Tatu, when we wrote that song a while ago, though we couldn’t get hold on the girls, and our co-operation with Broma16 gave us that great opportunity to make things happens” said Niclas Molider, who is co-writer, producer and one of co-founders of Red Fly Production.

The song will also be released in a Russian-language version under the title ‘Сдвину мир’ (Sdvinu Mir).

Julia states: “I am very happy to work with one of the successful Swedish producers. I’m full of strength and energy and very optimistic about the future. The premiere of my new song will be held in late August. Working with Red Fly and Broma16 was a great pleasure. The song is truly stylish and dynamic.”

“About record of a song for Julia Volkovoj’s new album”

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September – Something’s Going On

May 4, 2011


(p) 2010 Broma 16 under exclusive license of Family Tree Music

(c) Universal Music Publishing/EMI Music Publishing Scandinavia

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Broma16 and Dima Bilan produces a new song for EMI Russia

December 1, 2010

After several attempts, a new song has been pitched by Dima Bilan ( Russian Eurovision winner ) from Red Fly Songs catalogue represented by Broma16 . “Tak Budet Luchshe” or “That will be better” is a title name for a new song , Dima Bilan suppose to record together with female singer, whose name is unknown at the time, or kept secret. We don’t know.

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