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Dima Bilan & Julia Volkova – Lyubov-Suka (eng version Back To Her Future)

June 14, 2012

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Dima Bilan & Julia Volkova – Back To Her Future

March 7, 2012

EUROVISION 2012 – Julia Volkova & Dima Bilan – Back To Her Future

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Red Fly Music and Lil Eddie are the team behind Dima Bilan and Yulia Volkova’s song “Back to the future”

March 5, 2012

Internationally acclaimed Red Fly Music and Lil Eddie are the team behind Dima Bilan and Yulia Volkova‘s song “Back to the future“, with which they will be competing at the forthcoming 2012 Russian Eurovision national final in their quest to represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku. Both Dima Bilan and Yulia Volkova have graced the Eurovision stage before. Dima Bilan (Russia 2006,2008) and YuliaVolkova as part of Russian duo t.A.T.u. (Russia 2003).
Eurovision 2008 winner Dima Bilan and former t.A.T.u. singer Yulia Volkova will be joining forces in order to compete at the forthcoming Russian Eurovision 2012 national final. They will be bidding with the “Back To Her Future”. The authors behidn their song are internationally acclaimed and have written hits for Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue and Willow Smith.

American Lil Eddie (EMI Publishing) and the Swedish authors Red Fly Music who are represented in Russia by the company Broma 16, are in demand in Europe and America. They work with some of the best performers and artists in the world. The first successful work of Red Fly was a remix on Mary J. Blige’s song “No More Drama” which brought not only popularity to them, but also an opportunity to cooperate with the most successful producer in the history of pop music, the fourteen times Grammy prize winner, David Foster. Red Fly Music have written songs for many well known artists including Willow Smith, Celine Dion, No Angels, Miley Cyrus, Charice. They have also composed songs for the Walt Disney company. The lyrics of Dima and Yulia’s song “Back to the future” have been penned by none other than Lil Eddie, who has written many hit songs for artists such as Kylie Minogue, P. Diddy, Jennifer Lopez and Jay Sean. (more…)

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All Because Of You, Julia

December 1, 2011

“It meant to be Julia”, says Niclas Molinder (Red Fly Production ), one of the song producers/writers of “All Because Of You” . Once we sat down by the keyboard, it went out just in an hour. We said “Wow!” , when we’ve heard it afterwards, when Julia came to our studio in Orebro , last July and recorded the voice parts for the song. The song has been recorded in two languages, English and Russian, having in mind past Julia’s achievement solo and with Tatu all around the world.
After very recent expansion of Red Fly Production in the East, together with Broma16 , a few new songs have already found their performers and to be released in next few month. Several other titles are in a pipe and nailed with singers as Dima Bilan, Reflex, and others.
It is “all because of you” , Julia, says Niclas and Joakim , it’s been written with thoughts about Tatu .

watch the video here :

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Vika Daineko – Belaya Fata

September 14, 2011

(p) 2010 Broma16 under exclusive license from Mainstream Productions LLC. Produced by Red Fly Productions.

(c) 2010 Red Fly Songs GmbH, Mainstream Production.

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Julia Volkova (ex Tatu ) recording her new single with Broma16

June 20, 2011

Julia Volkova, former singer of scandalous Russian female duo Tatu, who has recently signed an album deal with EMI Russia, verbally agreed to record a new single “All Because of You” which was produced by Niclas Molinder, Joacim Persson, Johan Fransson, Tim Larsson and Tobias Lundgren – a production team that has previously collaborated with artists such as Sophie Ellis Bextor, Мiley Cyrus (Hannah Montana), Sean Kingston and Ashley Tisdale . The track has been pitched from Red Fly Songs catalogue, that Broma16 represents from the year 2011.

- “We’ve though about Tatu, when we wrote that song a while ago, though we couldn’t get hold on the girls, and our co-operation with Broma16 gave us that great opportunity to make things happens” said Niclas Molider, who is co-writer, producer and one of co-founders of Red Fly Production.

The song will also be released in a Russian-language version under the title ‘Сдвину мир’ (Sdvinu Mir).

Julia states: “I am very happy to work with one of the successful Swedish producers. I’m full of strength and energy and very optimistic about the future. The premiere of my new song will be held in late August. Working with Red Fly and Broma16 was a great pleasure. The song is truly stylish and dynamic.”

“About record of a song for Julia Volkovoj’s new album”

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Red Fly finally gave up !

June 1, 2011

After long lasting friendly co-operation and several ‘behind the curtain’ successful try outs , Broma16 has finally came to an agreement and signed one of the most desirable Scandinavian independent publishing catalogues of Red Fly Music Publishing . The guys, who known worldwide for their successful work with Myley Cyrus (Hanna Montana ), Bratz, Celine Dion, No Angels, Ashley Tisdale, Disney Music finally gave up to be represented in Russia and CIS by Broma16, a small arrogant company from Moscow.

- “Russia is a huge country, covered by white snow, where bears walking down the streets, as i heard before” telling Joacim Persson, “We were thinking, it is only Russian vodka, winter and maffia exist in this territory. We’ve been very surprise to meet such a nice people as at Broma16.”

The first experience gave us a big hope, we can come to a wide creative exposion for Red Fly Music Publishing writers, having a look at very first cuts we have got with Dima Bilan, Julia Volkova, Korni group, Vika Dayneko , to mention just a few.

Keep fingers crossed :)

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