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Eurostars in Royal Birthday Party

July 16, 2011

Eric Saade (3 place Eurovision 2011) attended the annual birthday celebrations of Swedish Crown Princess Victoria (34) in Borgholm.

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… And the winner is … Eric Saade feat. J-Son “Hearts In The Air”

June 30, 2011

..And the winner is … well, not that bad , to achieve number 3 at Eurovision Song Contest for the guy, who has just started outside of his country . Perhaps, we all know, Eric, who’s ambitions are rocketing the stars and who’s second name is Saade, ( don’t mess with Marquise de Sad )) is about to release two long playing albums this year. At this very moment came up with a great new single and music video for his new smash “Hearts in the Air”. He ranked third in “Eurovision 2011″ in Düsseldorf with the song “Popular”, which was the best result for Sweden since 1999, and we are waiting that single will give us another Swedish chart charger. Look it here. We pray for you, Eric.


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Razor Boy Publishing goes East

April 11, 2011

Well , Well, Well … Ladies and Gentlemans , kindly let us to introduce you our new family member and partner, Grammy Awards winner, multi-million seller writer’s company, the back bone of Swedish music industry Razor Boy Music Publishing

We’ve gone a long way and here we are now, touched the base with one of the best publishing house from Sweden, who host such a writers as sisters Nervo, Joe Perry, Anders Bagge, Didrik Thott, Christian Fast and other diamonds .

… “When Love Takes Over” boarder,

we’ll certainly “Not give up on love ” to good music .

The cold war finished 25 years ago, iron curtain dropped down back then also.

Today, Razor Boy Publishing goes East.

Broma16 welcomes it in Russia.

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The comeback of the Swedish dance-diva September

December 10, 2010

The comeback of the Swedish dance-diva September was among the most wanted events in pop music over the past few years. September became world-famous after the release of her LP “Cry For You: The Album”. The album was top-rated in charts in more than 50 countries, and the single “Cry for You” ranked first in the “Billboard 100″ and was certified “Gold” in the United States.

Her new album “Love CPR” is a well promising bunch of tracks, which is planned for release at her home in Sweden, along with huge success of local version of “Me and My Microphone” .

the first release in freezing Russia is going to be “Resuscitate Me”

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